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Cartagena Hills Suites

CARTAGENA HILLS has four spacious suites, each 65 m2, with a king-sized bed, cable TV, Wi-Fi access, closet with full length mirror, and a kitchenette with refrigerator, sink and utensils for four people.


Each suite has a splendid bathroom clad in coral marble and a shower with a view of the garden.


Throughout the house large windows allow views of the surrounding landscape of forest, sea, and sky. The sea breeze keeps the climate cool year-round.


The garden is lush with ornamental plants and exotic fruit trees. Countless birds nest in the forest reserve and bring the trees to life every sunrise with their songs. This is paradise in the middle of the forest.


When the sun sets behind the mountains of Isla Baru and Bocachica Fort there’s a stunning dance of colors reflected by the sea.

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